The Tribe

Howard Bloom wrote a magnificient book called “Global Brain” wherein he wrote about five governing principles that guide the evolution on Earth. He describes these principles, or functions if you will, and applies them on a scale ranging from atoms to human society. In the book he repeats the analogy of evolution being similar to any type of learning machine and often quotes an old saying from the Bible; “To he who has, more shall be given; and to he who has not, even what he has shall be taken away”. The principles described are conformity enforcers, diversity generators, inter-group tournaments, inner-judges and resource shifters (referencing above mentioned quote). This is truly an awesome read and I urge everyone to get a copy, but for my purposes here though the most important part of it is in relation to sub-cultures in our society and how those sub-cultures in one way or another compete with each other for resources of different kinds. The most successfull sub-cultures will triumph in the inter-group tournaments because they are best adapted to reign supreme under ruling circumstances and hence will enjoy growth and prosperity.

This website is an expression towards building a sub-culture, a tribe, that is most suited for todays challenges and conditions, one that can grow, spread and gain resources and momentum towards becoming the general culture rather then a small sub-culture. The reason for this is that I believe the emergence of such a group that is large enough to reach critical mass and transform society is our only option for saving the planet – and – in one form or another – ourselves along with it.

The late Dr. Clare W. Graves developed a bio-psycho-social model of how different value memes emerges in the interplay between our neurobiological equipment and  our existential challenges and conditions. The sub-culture(s) now emerging in some places and are needed more then ever are the ones belonging to Graves level 7 and 8 value memes. Genereally speaking at Graves 7 the neurobiological equipment has evolved to a level where the ability to handle complexity and think through-time has reached a level where one can comprehend the global challenges facing us and their potential consequences. Without understanding or appreciating the problem how can anyone start to instigate change along a useful trajectory? When it comes to the Graves 8s they are the ones who, as I’ve put it elsewhere in this blog, “are willing to carry the world on their shoulders through this passage of transformation”…and make the necessary sacrifices. These are the people of what I call the “Tellus Tribe”, the tribe that I am looking to participate in building.


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