The Method

The Mythogenic Self(TM) Process is a model developed and designed by Dr. Joseph Riggio, building on the legacy of the creators of NLP and Roye Fraser and his Generative Imprint(TM) model especially. The model has been described as “Mapping the structure of consciousness and personal enlightenment” and I think this is in many ways an accurate description. It draws on and incorporates a wide array of knowledge and practices and can be applied successfully in different contexts to accomplish various outcomes. However, in relation to Tellus Tribe the most significant aspect of the model is that by virtue of it’s design it stimulates movement through Graves emergent levels of existence (as written about in “The Tribe” tab).

This is the most powerful piece of behavioral and transformational technology that I have come across and it provides a vessel  for moving through the process of transformation and making people members of the Tribe.

The process starts with a shift in the ontological ground of the individual, re-setting to a basic position where “anything is possible” and the almost simultaneous realization that you are connected to everything else. From here a strong directionality emerges that is then expressed as the story you are living into and out of. Organizing this story in relation to a future that works, the story lived out becomes a container for this way of being.


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