The Condition

The planet is under attack! It’s under attack by humans! Humans who have forgotten that they are simply a product of the planet herself. Not biting the hand that feeds them but rather savaging it beyond recognizability. We have used up fossil fuels that took 300 or so million years to store and produce in less then 300 years. We’ve probably passed Peak Oil already. That’s when the demand for oil exceeds the supply. The entire industrial revolution and it’s products (such as modern civilization) are absolutely oil-dependent. We’re past alot of “peaks” when it comes to the natural resources that we rely on to sustain our civilizations. We’re running an economic system that loans money into existence and is dependent on continual growth to keep going. We’re using up the planet at a much higher rate then it can re-generate itself. Fresh water is getting scarce in many places. Species extinction. Global warming. Population growth. Food shortages…the list goes on and on and on. Things are getting worse and worse and better and better…faster and faster!

To get a basic grip on The Condition of our existence I urge you to check out a couple of videos;


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