Posted by: KabeCicero | January 18, 2010


Prerequisites to Power and Influence

The main operating principle you need to have in place for maximum power and influence in any situation is the ability to be equally satisfied and able to take action wheter you keep getting what you get from a situation, wheter you keep the association, or not. In this, an absolute unwillingness to walk away and a total comfort with doing so can both be contained.

This is part of being inter-dependent. One thing you need to decide in relation to this is a choice about your values. That is to come to a position where you VALUE INTEGRITY above status, recognition, monetary gain or anything else. This can be a foreign concept and a quantum shift in thinking for many people. I belive, though, that as we move forward into the future it will give you power, influence and connections beyond anything you could gain operating any other way as other come to see, hear, feel and fully experience this uncompromising quality about you and the effects of that.

If there is anything pushing you to do something against your better judgement, integrity or values – don’t compromise yourself. When you don’t the reward will be overwhelming – both for yourself AND others, in the short and the long run.

Systemic Business Design

@ Generation of Wealth in multiple parallell systems.

@ Sound ecology in maximum timeframe.

@ Targeting leverage points in social, economic and political structures moving towards global transformation.

@ Multiple inter-dependent mini-businessess working along a global brain structure towards a common intention.


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