Posted by: KabeCicero | September 8, 2009

Global Environmental Justice

…is the name of another course I take at the University. Our first assignment was to write half a page on what we think Global Environmental Justice “is”. Here goes…

Global Environmental Justice is about building the knowledge- and skill base to be able to take into consideration the effects and consequences of decisions and actions in the global environmental eco-systems, calculating these effects as far away as possible from the point in space/time where the decision/action is taken as possible, while simultaneously directing these decision/actions to be in alignment with outcomes that are designed on the values of justice. Now that’s a mouthful!

Naturally this involves the ability to take a multitude of perspectives and angles of approach towards the problems “facing” us, applying a variety of models (both calculative and explanatory in nature) and at the same time building the resources and capacity within the systems we operate to allow them to have the response potential necessary for adaption towards justice and sustainability.

I have chosen to study this subject for a number of reasons. First of all the kind of thinking and modus operandi required for engaging in these topics are of forms that are both stimulating and attractive to me. To fully uncover what I mean by that statement would be an exciting adventure in itself, albeit this assignment is all too short to allow for that to be contained. Second, I believe that the study of Global Environmental Justice and the movement it generates within the systems we operate (political, social, economic, environmental etc) are among the most important things a human being can endeavor into in this day and age.


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